Join Kaden and his imagination
to finding his – and YOUR – happy voice.

When Kaden thinks he has lost his happy voice, he goes on quite an adventure, full of imaginary friends and exciting twists and turns. But, is Kaden looking in all the wrong places? When his Mummy guides him in a mindful and meditative visualisation, Kaden realises where his happy voice has been all along.

**This story is also accompanied by a free ‘Finding Your Happy Voice’ meditation – a perfect way to relax before bedtime.

Teniele Arnold is a free spirit, unafraid to fail while constantly striving to reach her dreams and goals. Mother of two strong-willed kids, she is a student of both yoga & meditation. Teniele believes that life will always have bumps, but if you are able to bring yourself to the moment & get clear on your own truth, you are able to overcome anything. Teniele wants to ensure the book works to connect the readers and their families in order to forge ahead with presence, mindfulness and their inner ‘ happy voice’.

Pauline is also a mother of 2 wonderful children. She is a graphic designer who has rediscovered her ‘happy voice’ through illustrating this book, her first foray as an illustrator. Pauline feels that this book is important in helping children connect with their emotions and to become self-aware and self regulating of their own behaviour.
She hopes that the illustrations spark your child’s imagination and that they can call on her depiction of Kaden to get them through those harder moments.

Meditation helps us to come to our inner self. To focus our monkey minds, and to be the observer. Children who meditate can become happier, calmer, and more focused. This can help them in many areas of their lives – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Benefits include improved memory, reduced anxiety, and greater confidence (including becoming more aware of themselves and their feelings), leading to being kinder and loving to themselves and those around them.

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